The Stocking Stuffers You Didn’t Know You Needed

YAYYY for Christmas time rolling in hot! Over the weekend, I polled you guys on what you wanted to see first as far as gift guides. This guide won as the first one I’ll post this holiday season and I’m so excited to share with you! I’ll just hop right in… here are the stocking stuffers that you didn’t know you needed (feel free to send this link to Santa!)

1 // Spanx Leggings: I’d like to just go on record here and YELL that you can roll these bad boys up and stuff them in the stocking with plenty of room to spare… Kkkkkkay den! (if i happen to capture a male reader here, your wife/gf/sister/mama/etc will LOVE YOU for this purchase). *I ordered my normal size S.

2 // Wine Wipes: Do I even need to explain why this is necessary?!

3 // Mai Couture Highlighter Paper: This actually came in one of my monthly beauty-subscription boxes a couple of years ago and I’ve been obsessed with them since. It’s literally makeup on paper… talk about easy. You just swipe it across your face and body where you want highlighter and boom! Great for travel.

4 // Ugg Socks: they’re warm, they’re cute and they have pompoms

5 // Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet: BUY THIS RIGHT THE EFF NOW! I can’t tell you how many times I leave the house and wonder “hmm, did I cut my curling iron off” and turn around to go check. PROBLEM SOLVED. You set the timer for it automatically shut off after a certain amount of time! Genius, I tell you. Help me help you.

6 // Measuring Tape: Throw this in your purse and stop googling “how many arms equal 12 inches”… Plus, it’s really cute and comes in other colors/sayings

7 // Lanolips: This is the most moisturizing lip balm in the history of the lip balm. Thank you @skinbyblair for introducing this into my life. It’s around $20 but it’s worth every single penny!

8 // Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Nude Lipstick & Lipliner Duo: I got this last Christmas and it’s one of my favorite combos to date! AND so much cheaper to buy it as a duo! If you follow CT on social media, you pretty much see every celebrity with a pulse sporting these gorgeous nude lips and we can have them too!! They sell out a lot so grab them while they’re in stock.

9 // Teleties. Scrunchies. Clips: you can never have too many and you can go without these

10 // Phone Holder Mount for Car: Perfect if you use your phone for GPS

11 // Wireless Earbuds: Great for a run, for chilling, for podcasts, for music, for life. I need these sooooo badly. SANTAAAAAAA, meatloaf! I’m also linking the Airpods that I got Brett for his birthday this year because he uses them every. single. day!

12 // Ghost USB portable power bank: Y’all, it glows in the dark!!! I repeat, it glows in the dark. A ghost that glows in the dark while it charges my dead ass phone. I can’t.

13 // Wet Brush: game changerrrrr

That’s all for now, folks! What’s the best part of all of this?! The prices are soooo affordable. What do you think of this gift guide? Let me know in the comments below. I love love love your feedback!

*FULL DISCLOSURE UP IN HURRRR: If you shop through any of my links and check-out, I earn a small commission from that sale (thanks SO MUCH to all of you that do!)

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