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February 2019

    Amazon Prime Finds & Recent Purchases

    Sharing stories of these today on Instagram. I’ll save them in my highlights. Here are a list of recent purchases and some Amazon prime things that I’m loving…

    1. Valentino dupe jelly sandals: these take a couple of weeks to come in and they aren’t prime, but they are free shipping. I’m normally a 9 or 9.5 and the 9 fit me perfectly
    2. Makeup organizer: this has been an actual life saver in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work
    3. Linen cotton dress (styled here also): may be my favorite Amazon find EVER. Under $20, comes in a ton of colors and SO FLATTERING on any and every body type. I’m wearing a small.
    4. Test tube flower vase: I saw a similar vase at a recent wedding shower and fell in love. There are several really expensive versions out there, but this one is $17
    5. Rayban look-alike sunglasses: love these! I ordered them to wear when I don’t want to risk losing my actual Raybans. They’re great and only $12
    6. Double O-ring belt: great quality belt and only $15
    7. Yellow rainboots and Doc marten dupes: This is a close second to my linen dress!! I am so obsessed with these boots! I paired them with an all white outfit this weekend; see it styled here. Only $45, 10 colors and Prime
    8. Bamboo clutch: carried this a lot last summer; this is a dupe of the Cult bag you see on Nordstrom; it’s the small version and under $40 with 735 perfect reviews (see it styled here)
    9. Washcloths: My sweet friend Abby introduced these to me and they are soooooo soft; I use them to take off my makeup AND I wish I knew about them when Vivi was a baby
    10. Swimsuit cover-up: super lightweight and breathable. It could also double as a tunic/shirt with a tank under. It’s only $22 and Prime.

    FULL DISCLOSURE (please read): I make a small commission off of every sale when you shop through one of my links.

    With that being said, if you click on one of my links and end up ordering through the Amazon app (or any other app), I do NOT get credit (because they can’t link it back to me). Once you click on my link… if you just log in to your amazon account and checkout, I get credit

    I spend a lot of time putting stuff together for the blog (time away from my sweet and understanding fam)… things like taking pics, editing, linking, researching, price hunting, reading reviews, posting, etc etc.

    AND I COULD CRY every time I see that you purchase something that I’ve posted about and that you trust me to hopefully make your life a little easier! Seriously, you are supporting me more than you even know.