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September 2018

    fall and winter moto jackets

    Wassup, guys?! I’m just auditioning myself into Topgun 2 over here, don’t mind me… haha. Happy Saturday, y’all! And happy officially fall!! One of my absolute favorite things I’m seeing again this season are moto jackets! They are so easy to style and can literally go with any outfit… over dresses, over a tank, with tees and jeans, heels and sneakers, worn on the shoulders, ALL OF THE THINGS. The options are endless…

    Let me talk price points real quick. I am totally in favor of save vs splurge MOST of the time. Especially on trendy items. My exceptions come into play for my core pieces that can be worn over and over again and in different ways. My “capsule wardrobe” pieces. Insert boots, jeans, jackets. So while I will say that some of these pieces are pricey, they are absolutely worth it because you get so much wear out of them. That’s how I justify whether or not to spend the money on something I really want. That’s not to say there aren’t alternatives that are cheaper (there definitely are), but I want the quality of a piece that will LAST. That’s exactly what this jacket is… part of my core wardrobe 🙂 The last black moto jacket I had, I wore for YEARS before it went to jacket heaven. This is it’s replacement. Also, it has a detachable hoodie that I DIE for. I’ll share a variety of amazing moto jackets below in all of the price points. Hope you have the best weekend, love!