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Current Skincare Routine

** UPDATED 8/4/2020

Skincare… I really only started properly washing my face morning/night at age 29 (gasp!). Crazy, right?! Don’t be like me, haha! I didn’t have a routine and I didn’t even know where to start or who to go to for information on products. It’s all pretty overwhelming when you get started. Hopefully, I can save you some time and point you to two people that I trust and recommend if you’re thinking about investing in your skin. Their Instagram handles are: @skinbyblair and @jordanharper_np.

Both Blair and Jordan have a ton of valuable information saved to their highlights as well as overall tips/tutorials on all things skincare… not to mention the before/afters of botox/fillers if you’re interested in learning more on that, too. They will both tell you that you’ll want to start using 3 things for sure… vitamin c, sunscreen and a retinol. There are so many different kinds that are out on the market and they break down which ones are best for different skin types, etc. Okay so just go follow them, byeeee.

Wait, here’s my current routine/order:

Morning: Wash my face with brightening cleanser, toning pad (so good), vitamin c (investment but worth it), hydro drops for hydration (my skin is extra dry right now), eye cream, sunscreen (this one also doubles as my moisturizer; not greasy or sticky!)

Night: Remove makeup, wash my face with cleanser, toning pads, vitamin c, eye cream, retinol, hydro drops, moisturizing lotion

*** I do want to mention that I occasionally change out products with new things that I’ve been researching. I’ll keep updating this list if I try something and like it. I want to add in the Revision black mask next. Hope this is helpful!!

*FULL DISCLOSURE UP IN HURRRR: If you shop through any of my links and check-out, I earn a small commission from that sale (thanks SO MUCH to all of you that do!)

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