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June 2016

    This Morning With Her


    Soooo, this is the first piece of art I’ve purchased for our house since since we’ve been married.  I think I’m weird in that I actually really love our bare walls. I just love how crisp, clean, and de-cluttered it makes our house feel and look. I can’t ever pull the trigger on buying anything to put on the dang walls… Until I stumbled upon this extremely cute Etsy shop called Breathe In Grace. I seriously want every single thing in her shop. She hand-makes these wood+words paintings. She also does custom orders, which is how this Johnny Cash quote came to life.  As of this weekend, it has found its home in our kitchen and I just love it so much!

    Our weekend was super low-key. We did decide to take on a new project though! We made a trip to Lowe’s and bought a few items to start us (by us, I mean Brett) on re-doing the master bath. So, stay tuned there. We had a somewhat productive Sunday. Started it out with Another Broken Egg, then watched The Shallows at the movie theater, and then I went to barre class. And while working out was definitely not on my agenda today, Blake Lively basically kicked me in my teeth and right off the couch. I mean HOW can you look that good?! Clearly by not eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Ugh, bye. I should probably sign off on that note. Game of Thrones finale is calling my name and I need to get my mind right. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


    Etsy shop: Breathe In Grace

    Find her on Instagram: breathe_in_grace