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January 2018

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    I kind of can’t even believe that we’re 3 weeks away from Valentine’s Day.  This year is flying by…

    So I just wanted to do a gift guide for those of you who get happies for your significant other, or maybe even your bff, and you need ideas.

    1. Pajamas: STEAL of the century. I’m assuming these will sell quickly at $19.99. That’s right… 20 bones.  I have one brand of pjs that I absolutely love and will splurge on because they are incredibly soft, but THESE are just as soft. For a much better price. Seriously, such a steal. If you’re my husband reading this, PLEASEEEEE.
      • I’m also going to link some lounge pants that are amazeeeeee. AND they’re on sale for $12 with all sizes stocked.
    2. This throw blanket is what I imagine clouds in heaven to be like… I neeeeeeed it.  Not to mention that peach color is to-die for.
    3. Statement earrings. Swoon.
    4. Felt letter board: get witty wit it
    5. I Am Juicy Couture: I actually got a sample of this from Sephora, and I’m hooked. It reminds me of cotton candy but in this dreamy fragrant kind-of-way.
    6. Kat Von D lipgloss: I’ve purchased 2 colors in the past week… it’s a liquid lipstick that’s highly pigmented (so the color stays true) and dries with a smooth matte finish. Stays on all day. 42 shade colors to choose from.
      • Also going to link my favorite face mask.
    7. No-show socks
    8. Dorky cards will forever make my heart melt. Gimme all the puns
    9. Mug: you can never have too many
    10. Rose Wine Glass: I have these and LOVE them.
    11. Sneakers: (not pictured, but linked below) I have these also, and they are even cuter in person. Only $30, run TTS. *There is a picture of them on in one of my Instagram posts a few weeks ago.

    There’s nothing here over $40 (with one exception), and half of these items are $20 range and under. What’s on your list? I would love to hear! & Happy Valentine’s Day to you (3 weeks early)!