Gift Guide for Men

Happy hump day! I’m posting two gift guides today… one for the men in your life and one for the kiddos. I made sure to include things that we already have and love, things I’m shopping for, and I got Brett’s input, too. Up first, the men’s gift guide!

  1. ME Undies: I started buying these for Brett several years ago after a girlfriend talked about how much her husband loved them. We have since bought several pairs and it’s all that he wears now. Great stocking stuffer, too.
  2. Peter Millar pullover: I bought this for Brett last year (again, after my best friend’s husband highly recommended it!). He wears it ALL the time and agreed it’s such a good gift.
  3. Airpods: Bought these for Brett’s birthday this year and he uses them NONSTOP… Takes them to work and sneakily wears one to listen to games on his phone while we’re watching TV hahaha.
  4. Lululemon sweatpants: Word on the street is that they’re the best!
  5. Yeti tumbler: Keeps drinks hot and cold. Perfect when the guy’s who commute to work in the morning and don’t want to take that girly mug container sitting in their cabinet. (just us?) PS- Available prime.
  6. House shoes: These were requested.
  7. Travel kit: I love this one and it has great reviews. Waterproof zipper and canvas construction.
  8. No show socks: These are for men and women. Brett actually bought them months ago and I stole all of them, haha. They stay on and stay hidden.
  9. Wireless charging dock
  10. Massager: this baby is available on Amazon and we bought it several months ago when one of our backs were hurting. It’s amaze and affordable.

Hope this is helpful! Let me know what you’re shopping for in the comments and for anyone else reading looking for ideas. ALSO reminder, when you click on my links and make a purchase (doesn’t have to be what I linked), I make a small commission off of that sale. Thank you so much 🙂

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