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October 2018

    Favorite Wines Under $15

    I asked and you guys pulled through BIG! On my Instagram post here, I asked what your favorite wines were under $15. I’ve tallied them up and they’re all below in one place (in no particular order)!

    Simple Life Chardonnay

    Josh Chardonnay/Sav Blanc

    Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir (lots of recs)

    Harken Chardonnay

    Anne Amie Pinot Blanc

    Anne Amie Pinot Gris


    Moneto Prosecco

    Barossa Valley Estate Cab

    Josh Merlot

    Little Black Dress merlot

    Kim Crawford

    Meiomi Pinot (lots of recs)

    Barefoot and Cupcake

    Steakhouse cabernet

    Josh legacy red

    Belle Glos pinot noir blanc

    Boom Boom Syrah

    Menage a Trois red blend

    Crane Lake

    Dreaming Tree Crush (Dave Matthews’ winery’s red blend)

    Antigal Uno Malbec

    Till Malbec

    Big House red- red blend

    Estancia Cabernet

    Justin Cabernet

    Whitehaven Sav Blanc

    The Path Cab at whole foods

    California Roots for Target

    Santa Margherita

    19 Crimes merlot or cab

    Can’t wait to work my way through this list. ENJOY, y’all!