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March 2018

    St. Patrick’s Day Sales

    It’s your lucky day!! Sales on sales. The picture above is just a collage pic, and the actual links to everything are at the bottom of this post!

    For some of the retailer’s sites, they do NOT require a code and the discounted price is reflected. However, if there is a code, it’ll usually be at the top of the retailer site. AND to make it super easy, here are two codes in case you have trouble finding… For 20% off DSW shoes, use code: LUCKY. For 20% off ASOS, use code: LUCKYCHARM. Again, everything is linked below.

    Hope you’re wearing and drinking something green today!! My 1 year old threw up on me at 6am, so I feel like we’re in the spirit and celebrating appropriately over here! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! Have fun and be safe!