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June 2016

    Stormy Blues


    This past Saturday, Brett and I went to the land to take some pictures.  One day, we plan to build here. It’s around 7 minutes from where we currently live. (side note: it’s on Highway 22- that’s how “Twenty Two Lane” was born 🙂 ). Super excited about that day!  In the meantime, sometimes we just go hang out, walk around, and discuss what plans we have floating around in our head. The weather channel called for storms and that’s why the sky looks so incredible in these pictures! Luckily, the rain held off for our visit. So I think by now that you can tell I am in love with bodysuits lately. This bodysuit is the most comfortable I’ve found. It’s breathable, it molds to your body without being too tight, and it’s affordable. Oh, and the back is super fun too! It comes in several different colors, but I LOVE this cobalt blue. The sunglasses are a STEAL. I’ve looked for months for a pair similar to these, but they were all $120 and up.  THESE ARE ON SALE FOR $15 (link below; the color I’m wearing is tort mirror blue). They’ll be great for the beach trips we have coming up. Beaches and expensive sunglasses never have gotten along well in my world, so I’m super excited to have these!  And I snagged this drawstring bag on super sale from ASOS; I’ve linked a couple other ones I love too. Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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